Our Services

Marketing and Sales consultancy, strategies and plans

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees, and as we know from sailing, good coaches are invaluable. Often they are the difference between winning and losing, and in business it's no different. Sales and Marketing Planning can create strategies for your business and help you plot a course for the future. After all, even the best have a coach!

Coaching can come in the form of:

  • Business strategy and plan creation
  • Scenario planning
  • Meeting facilitation
  • One-to-one coaching

Either formally, or informally.

Internet strategy and channel development

The internet has allowed new players to credibly deliver their Brand to the market without the traditional start up times associated with forming distribution channels and the sales process.

A solid internet strategy is essential in this day and age, and a particular challenge for many businesses that operate with distributors, customers and end users. An e-strategy needs to be built collaboratively, have buy-in at management level, and needs to show a sensitivity to the current business model.

With a strong background in this area SMP can help create the online strategy working with your senior managers, and when that's agreed, SMP will deliver the Tools to do the job (internet/extranet sites, e-commerce platforms, product catalogues, content management systems, etc.)

Brand development

Your Brand should be your "central organising thought". It's the only thing that can't be copied by your competitors, and increasingly it's the only differentiator in the market. But you don't own the Brand, you just own the trade mark. The Brand exists entirely in the customer's mind and gets there because they build a story about you based on their own experiences.

But what is your Brand? Is it appealing to the customer? Do your employees understand it and repeatedly deliver it? Does the distribution chain? Remember the customer owns your Brand, you do not. Your job is to define it in a compelling and unique way and deliver it as consistently as possible.

SMP will help you define your Brand in a collaborate way. We'll help you get internal alignment, agreement and understanding and when that's done we'll help you implement it.

Sales and Marketing Tools

SMP know the importance of a good communication plan, and how difficult It can be in the Marine Industry to find a partner to work with who actually understands the market. Our strong market knowledge means you are already talking to informed people who appreciate your requirements.

SMP can create a collaborative communication plan with you, and when that's agreed, deliver all the tools you need to implement it.

  • Advertising Online and Offline
  • Catalogues
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Direct Mail
  • Point of Sale/ Point of Purchase
  • Exhibitions

People development

Your people are your biggest asset; they deliver your Brand; they win business. And they are your highest cost. Anyone who performs needs a coach. Without a coach, skill sets can drop, performance tales off, and opportunities are lost.

SMP improves the results of your team by delivering sales and marketing coaching for people at work, constructing and implementing performance programmes for the team, or on a one to one basis.


In order to make good decisions you need the right evidence, and when you work for the company it's sometimes quite hard to have an impartial marketplace opinion. Market Research doesn't have to be expensive, but sometimes the cost of not doing it is greater than the investment.

SMP will undertake Qualitative and Quantitative research in order to help you:

  • Make informed product launch/upgrade decisions
  • Understand the attractiveness of markets
  • Understand buyer behaviour
  • Understand employee satisfaction